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Xmas Locksmith advice

Locksmith Xmas Tips


Don’t make it easy for burglars¬†

The busiest time of the year, not just for honest law abiding people but for criminals. statixtics show that crime rates in regards to home burgalaries rise in the festive season. If you follow your helpful Locksmith xmas tips you will reduce the risk of a break in this year. Don’t make it easy! If you leave the boxes for your amazing, new, top of the range and expensive goods out on display its like a shop window to potential burgalars. rip them up and make sure they go inside the bin or to the local tip.


Is your house really safe?


“My door is safe it has loads of hooks” as a locksmith service provider we hear this far too often and its not true what so ever, sure the multipoint lock holds your door shut but your lock/cylinder allows that to happen and without it your UPVC door will open. The majority of UPVC manufacturers will use low grade inexpensive cylinders when making your door to keep costs at a minimum, these cylinders can easily be snapped and your multipoint hooks, rollers and shoot bolts that make up the process of securing your door can thus be unlocked and your home is insecure. At Dr locks we recommend you upgrade your cylinder to an anti-snap cylinder, Call today for a free quote

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Check your doors and windows are shut and locked

When you leave the house make sure you lock up all your windows and doors properly and double check yourself. Don’t leave all the lights on with your goods lit up like a xmas tree but leave a passage light on to create the¬†illusion of an occupied home.


There are also other potential risks that your home may show to a criminal such as external glazed windows and doors, we don’t recommend that you go out and spend thousands on new UPVC doors and windows but what we do say is let us improve the overall security of your home so that your home isn’t such an easy target give us a call to book a security survey.


Potential risks


  • Externally glazed units
  • Un-secure gates and fences
  • Too many lights left on
  • Rubbish/packaging
  • Inferior cylinders



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