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Month: June 2015

Locksmith in Newcastle upon Tyne

Locksmith in newcastle upon tyne  D.R Locks & UPVC repairs

24 Hour locksmith in Newcastle upon Tyne


Over the years D.R Locks has built up an amazing reputation in and around Newcastle upon Tyne. We offer a 24 Hour locksmith service and Double glazing repairs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.


Locksmith in Newcastle upon tyne



5 bylindaco454

Arrived on time, quoted over the phone and stuck to the price. very polite


5 bysusansd

Very friendly lad, Fixed my mams window when nobody else would come out and charged a very reasonable amount to do it

UPVC door mended

5 bylittlekaren77

good company, recommend them


5 bykitsmcray44

Spot on. Glass repaired in 3 days great service


  • 24 hour locksmith
  • 24 hour window boarding
  • Upvc window and door repairs
  • Locks changed
  • Locks upgraded
  • Doors re-aligned
  • Jammed windows and doors opened and repaired

Our promise

We promise to provide the best service possible for every customer we carry out work for. We will always maintain professionalism and high working standards


Some of our recent jobs

Locksmith in newcastle upon tyne A Lady in Jarrow called us because she had a jammed shut stable type door, We quickly opened the door up and found that the top part of the mechanism/multi-point locking system had failed. We called our parts supplier and to buy a new mechanism for this particular KFV branded unit was nearly £200 just in parts. We adapted a standard KFV multi-point lock and did it for half of the original quotation. The customer was very happy with the end result. The door worked great, we supplied and fitted a new cylinder and re-aligned the door Free of charge.



We specialise in UPVC door repairs and we can source Multi-point Locking systems that other companies can not at a very competitive price.


Locksmith in newcastle upon tyne Door repair in Wallsend today, A customers door had jammed shut and wouldn’t open for them. We opened up the door and replaced a FUHR mechanism and cylinder and adjusted the hinges while we were there. One happy customer and another good doors life extended.


Locksmith in newcastle upon tyne



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Locksmith in newcastle upon tyne

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D.R Locks | Door repairs Wallsend

Misted Glass repair in Newcastle upon tyne

door repairs newcastleUPVC door repairs wallsend

5 byry888

Fixed our UPVC doors. Great lad


5 bykitsmcray44

                                                             Spot on. Glass repaired in 3 days great service


5 byginagina66

I had heard good things about D.R Locks, and when my front door wouldn’t open with the key I tried them. superb service from the start to the end. highly recommend their engineer Dan

UPVC door repaired

5 byryry888

Outstanding- UPVC doors fixed in record time.. great lad

Window leak fixed

5 bylittlekaren77

We had a leak through one of our windows. DR Locks re-sealed the window and its now perfect 6 months on

Changed locks

5 bybennotwith

Very quick and friendly service

Multi point lock

5 byLiamliam888

Fixed a multi-point lock. Explained step by step and very helpful

Window hinges repair

5 bylooloo899

We had a gap on our window and it was creating a terrible breeze. They changed the hinges within the hour and re-sealed the window for free. Very nice guys

Door locks changed

5 bydeldel1989

UPVC door locks changed. All round great job

Window handles changed

5 bywilliamenglish

Jammed window handles replaced. Good service 10/10

Locksmith North Shields

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door repair newcastle upon tyne

We provide 24 hour window boarding to commercial and domestic premises across the North east of England. We offer emergency boarding and we can measure up for your glass while we are there. Hassle free

Door repairs wallsend

We specialise in UPVC door repairs, especially doors that are jammed closed or open. We can source parts and repair broken doors within a few hours. Your doors are your first point of escape in an emergency and your main security features in your home so its vital that they work properly. We repair Multi-point locking systems, cylinders, UPVC door panels, Hinges, Handles, Letteplates and seals.

DR Locks and double glazing repairs


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